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Backyard Angling

We are two brothers passionate about creating content that will inspire you, educate you, and entertain you as we document our adventures throughout our "Backyard" here in Pennsylvania and Beyond!

We first began our YouTube channel, Backyard Angling, in 2011 and have been putting out content ever since.  Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the outdoors have always been a passion of ours, whether it be fishing, hunting, hiking, or just playing in the backyard.  We grew up fly fishing near our family camp in North-Central PA and have developed a deep love for the sport as well as the environment in which we fished and the companionship with friends and family that fly fishing provides.  Our fly fishing careers began at a very young age with the instruction of our dad, who shared a similar passion and fostered our interest in the sport. 


At Backyard Angling, we hope to share our love for the sport of fly fishing.  Content about our fly fishing pursuits, gear talk (yep, we’re gear junkies), cold water ecology, and anything fly fishing are some of the things we aim to provide through our fast-growing platform.

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The Crew



BA Co-Founder

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BA Co-Founder

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