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Doug grew up in rural Pennsylvania where he developed a deep love for the outdoors. Fishing, hunting, canoeing, and backpacking helped to foster his passion for outdoor recreation.

Doug pursued a degree at the University of Pittsburgh, where he got his BS in Biology and conducted undergraduate research on acid-mine drainage reclamation and its effect on freshwater macroinvertebrates. This research helped to spark his interest in aquatic entomology. Doug then went on for a Master’s degree in Bioengineering and currently works as an Engineer for a medical device company. 


Community involvement is a core value of Backyard Angling so Doug also volunteers as a board member and compiles the annual newsletter for the Kettle Creek Watershed Association, which is the cleanest watershed in the State of Pennsylvania!

He currently lives in Central-Pennsylvania with his wife Kelsey and two boys, Luke and Andrew (Andy).

Kettle Creek Watershed Association

Check out the KCWA >


The KCWA all volunteer organization that pledges to enhance, preserve, monitor, protect, and restore Kettle Creek in north central Pennsylvania.

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