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Tying the Rainbow Warrior | Lance Egan Fly Series

The Rainbow Warrior is a simple, yet extremely effective fly that was first developed by Lance Egan as a euro-nymphing pattern. It is a staple pattern for me in the winter but can still be fished all year long with great results!

I enjoyed a Troeg's Nugget Nectar while tying this fly. Check out the full video, which includes some beer talk in addition to tying, on our Bugs n' Brews channel.

Material List

Jig hook - I like Lively Legz 320J in size 16 (or 18)

Thread - UTC 70D (red or purple)

Tail - coq-de-leon

Body - UTC Med Pearl Tinsel

Wing Case - UTC Lrg Pear Tinsel (or med if tied on a #18 hook)

Here are two examples of the colors I like to tie the Rainbow Warrior in:

Rainbow Warrior with red thread underbody.

Rainbow Warrior with purple thread underbody.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Start your thread just behind the bead and build a small thread dam to keep the slotted tungsten bead in place. Wrap your thread towards the bend of the hook.

Step 2

Tie in a tail using coq de leon fibers. Return your thread to the front of the hook.

Step 3

Tie in peal tinsel (size Med) at the front and wrap your thread to the bend of the hook. Return your thread to the front.

Tip: try giving your bobbin a counter-clockwise spin to uncord your thread which allows your wraps build up as little bulk as possible. this will help with the sink rate of your fly.

Step 4

Wrap the tinsel up the shank of the hook using slightly overlapping wraps. Tie off behind the bead and snip off the excess.

Step 5

Tie in peal tinsel (med or lrg, depending on the size of your fly) just behind the bead for your wing case.

Step 6

Use rainbow scud dubbing to create a slim dubbing collar just behind the bead.

Step 7

Bring your wing case over the dubbing collar and secure it with a few tight wraps.

Step 8

Snip your thread, wing case, and any long dubbing fibers. Removing the unruly dubbing fibers will help with the sink rate.

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