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Solo Backpacking in the Heart of the Montana Wilderness | Fly Fishing in Bear Country (Ep. 4 of 4)

I've done a lot of backpacking trips in my life, but this would be my first ever solo trip. I figured there would be no better place to embark on an adventure such as this than the Montana backcountry. I entered into some of the most remote sections of the lower 48 armed only with my backpacking gear and some fly fishing essentials. The goal was to catch a few cutthroat trout and enjoy some of the great Wilderness scenery, which is exactly what I accomplished and more! I hope that you enjoy this small glimpse into my experience.

Tight lines!


Backcountry Gear List:

-Trekking Poles (

-2-Person Tent (

-Backpackers Stove (

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