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Little Black Stonefly

One of the great things about here in the northern tier of PA, is that there are opportunities to fish almost any time of year. While nymphing usually produces the best results dry fly fishing is not out of the question.

Photo of a Little Black Stonefly on Kettle Creek, Pennsylvania

The little black stonefly can be a hit or miss hatch when it comes to fishing but if you are spending any time around a cold, clean stream, just look closely and you may just catch a glimpse of these insects crawling across the ice and snow.

During the hatch, nymphs will swim to shore, making easy targets for trout

The little black stonefly is part of the Capniidae family, which is a family of stonefly that hatches throughout the winter. Warmer days produce the best results. When the sun hits the water, these tiny insects will begin to swim towards the banks, crawl up on shore, and shed their nymphal schucks. Next time you are around the water, look closely, and you may just catch a glimpse of these fascinating little bugs.

May the hatches always be heavy,


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