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Fly Fishing Pack | Essential Gear & Organization

As an engineer by trade and a problem solver by nature, I'm the type of person that enjoys refining things and developing new ideas. Even if something works well for it's intended purpose, I'm always thinking of ways that I can improve upon it. When it comes to fly fishing, I'm no different. I'm always looking for ways to make my time on the water more efficient, and thus more enjoyable. One of the ways that I do this is through pack organization.

A brief view of what I carry on my person while wading for trout

Every winter I revisit how I have my pack organized. Over the course of the season I try to pay attention to different pain-points that I experience as well as any unmet needs that I take notice of. I'll then think on the topic and try to make adjustments accordingly. Now many of these adjustments are not original ideas by me. Most of them I've picked up on YouTube, online, or through talking with other fly anglers. I really enjoy refining my setup and tweaking my system over time to better suit my needs. Now I realize that every angler has a different set of requirements so that is why we decided to put together this comprehensive list of some helpful videos that go through what they carry on their person and how their pack is organized. I hope that the list we have compiled is helpful to you, and that you enjoy watching some of these videos as much as I have.

First off, our video:

I feel that for my dynamic approach and technical style of fishing, that a chest pack or vest works best. I use a chest pack personally, but a vest would get the job done just as well. These systems allow me to carry a large amount of gear that is readily accessible. As far as what I keep inside, I will create a list at the end of this article with links to view or purchase that particular piece.

Backyard Angling | Pack Organization

Other Great Video Resources:

I'm sure that this list is far from comprehensive. The ultimate goal of this article is to provide a hub for talking about pack organization and make this into a forum where we can all learn a few new tips or tricks. With that in mind, if you know of any good videos on the topic (or make YouTube videos yourself), please link them in the comments and I will do my best to continuously update the list to add more and more resources.

List of Gear:

*The list above contains Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through any of the links above, Backyard Angling earns a small commission at no added cost to you. Purchasing gear through these links is a great way to help us support our channel and continue to provide awesome content! Thanks in advance for your support!

Doug Roberts

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